A UTC student is suing Hamilton County, saying his fourth amendment rights were violated when he was forced to leave a commission meeting in 2012.

The lawsuit is three years in the making but now its getting closer to its September trial date. The judge ruled Monday that the county is allowed to expand its witness list.

Tommy Coleman and his attorney Robin Flores are suing after Coleman and his friend were escorted out of a county commission meeting in July 2012. The pair, against prayers before commission meetings, had addressed commissioners about the issue and had gone over their allotted time, according to Flores.

That's when a Hamilton County deputy escorted the two out of the meeting, as Coleman recorded it all on cell phone camera.

"They're escorted away, Mr. Coleman had been sitting there, quietly recording what was going on," said Coleman's attorney Robin Flores. "He was removed. He was ordered by the deputy to leave."

Flores said there is no probable cause to remove his client and that he wasn't causing a disturbance.

Last week, three county attorneys entered appearances on behalf of the county. The judge denied their request for a new summary judgement but allowed a request for an amended witness list.

Both sides will meet to discuss the issue Friday June 5 and the trial is set for September. County Attorney Rheubin Taylor was out of town and unavailable for comment.