(KING)  Hailey Fort has a friend. His name is Edward.

"He's really nice," she said. "He's easy to talk with."

Edward is not the typical person you'd want your 9-year-old daughter hanging out with, but Hailey is no typical girl.

Edward is homeless. He lost his job at a local supermarket.

"I don't really want him to be rained on by all the bad weather we get here," said Hailey.

It's a good thing for Edward that Hailey is pretty good with power tools.

She spends much of her spare time these days working with nail guns, hydraulic staplers and electric drills in her yard. But she isn't building a clubhouse or tree fort.

That's kid stuff.

"I'm building a mobile sleeping shelter," she said in her quiet voice.

The shelter is an 8x4-foot wooden structure, complete with windows, a front door and insulation. She plans to give it to Edward. Aside from using big power saws, Hailey does all of the work herself, with guidance from her mom and her contractor grandfather who gives telephone assistance from his home in Arizona.

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