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Strong winds knock large tree onto Cleveland home

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CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) - Many across the Tennessee Valley are cleaning up after the weekend storms. Strong winds caused damage in several areas.

In Bradley County one family is picking up the pieces after a large tree fell on top of their Cleveland trailer home.

The man living there says he and his son are lucky to be alive.

"It sounded like a mack truck went through our trailer. That's how bad it was," says Chris Mabe.

Strong winds in Cleveland sent a giant pine tree crashing into a trailer off Lee Highway Sunday afternoon.

"It literally felt like it shook the trailer off its foundation."

Mabe was home with his four-year-old son, Leland, as the storms blew in.

"It sounded like one of those wind tunnels that, they're indoors, that people can float in. That's how bad it was. That's how loud it was," says Mabe.

Chris and his son were just feet away in the living room when he heard the tree crack.

"As soon as I saw it, I was sitting there thinking, 'Oh my God! We just lost our home.' As soon as I got done thinking that I went instant dad mode and got him out of the trailer."

In just a matter of seconds the back bedroom was destroyed.

"I was about ready to put him down for a nap," says Mabe.

"I could have lost my family," says Christie Mabe.

Christie Mabe was at work when she got a text about what happened.

She says she is so thankful her husband and son are okay.

"Because my kids are my life," she says. "You know, my son, he has health problems as it is. He has autism. And that little boy is everything to me and so is my daughter."

"I feel very lucky to be alive. It could have came this way and went through the living room. And there's not much in the living room to hold it up," says Mabe.

Now he and his family are starting the process of moving everything out to another trailer.

He just wants to put the traumatic experience behind him.

"Even thinking about it now, I want to cry about it."

Chris and his family do not have renter's insurance. But he says thankfully, the damage looks worse than it is and most of their bedroom furniture can be saved.

The American Red Cross put the family up in a hotel last night and also gave them food and clothing vouchers. 
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