Four juveniles have confessed to the vandalism reported over the weekend at the Decatur Cemetery, Decatur Police Chief Monty Rowland tells Channel 3.

Aged between 12-14, they are now in the custody of their parents and will appear in court Thursday.

Rowland says the youths will be charged with vandalism between $1,000-$10,000 and curfew violation. There may be additional charges. 

The hope is that they will be able to get restitution from the suspects' families, but Rowland says some of the damage was to irreplaceable, historical markers.  

Rowland says he's working with the property owners to get a total amount for the damage.

The Decatur Cemetery is piecing together their property after vandalism over the weekend left some headstones in rubble.

"I got a call yesterday that the cemetery had been vandalized and it was sickening to look at," said Donald Creasman, Maintenance Chairman, Decatur Cemetery.

Nearly 20 headstones were found knocked over and broken at the Decatur Cemetery.

"Some are over 100 years old," said Creasman. "The later ones that have pretty fresh cement are harder to push over, the older ones, they're pretty easy."

And when historic tombstones come tumbling down, they're left in shambles. "It's one of those thing that you hope it don't happen. There are so many people that take pride and respect the cemetery and then when this happens; it's just a shame," said Creasman.

Kimberly Furr came to visit her late husband's grave on Sunday, only to find the grave unlike how she had left it. "The crosses were knocked down and the vase had fallen over. When I saw the vase over I about cried because I thought they had gotten mine," said Kimberly Furr.

It's the same story for many other families, who will now be picking up the pieces to their hearts. “It's sad to see this done to loved ones that's gone on. It's sad," said Creasman.

Volunteers will help them in the cleanup process to keep costs low.

This isn't the first time the Decatur Cemetery has been vandalized. Creasman says the same thing happened five years ago.

If you have any information on this vandalism, you're asked to call the Meigs County Sheriff's Department.