It is going on five months and Chattanooga's first murder of 2015 still hasn't been solved.
 24 -year-old Deoaunte Dean was fatally shot inside his home on Dorris Street on New Year's Day.
Deoaunte's family and friends gathered Saturday at the Chattanooga Wing Company along McCallie and Willow.

"We're still looking for who murdered Deoaunte Dean, who his killer is,” said Danielle Dean, Deoaunte's sister.

Ten minutes into the New Year someone shot the 24-year -old while he was looking out the window.
His sister and mother were on their way to the house to spend the New Year with him.

"I got a call on my phone asking if I was ok, and it was kind of strange because I didn't know what was going on,” said Dean.
When they arrived, Deoaunte had passed. His sister says the person who killed her brother, took a good person.

“Laughing, fun and jokes .Want to play too much, one of them big kids, but he had kids. He was a family man, he liked to spend time with his kids,”said Dean.

Deoaunte's 5 –year-old daughter witnessed the shooting. Her mother tells Channel 3 it's been tough the last couple of months.

“She trying, she want her daddy though, she miss her daddy, but she know that he gone, she don't like that house she don't want to pass that house,” said Jasmine Moore, Deoaunte's girlfriend.

The family wants anyone with information to come forward, so they can have peace.

“I just want justice for Deoaunte Dean, we all do,” said Dean.

Chattanooga Police tells Channel 3 they are following leads. A few officers with CPD were at the gathering Saturday. CPD wants you to call Crime Stoppers at (423) 698-3333 if you have any information that can help them.