The cleanup is underway for Texas residents hit by this week's severe storms and flooding.

Volunteers from all over the country are traveling to the Lone Star State to help out, so it's only fitting that 22 were discharged from the Volunteer State.

“We had about three and half feet of water hit the house. We evacuated ourselves and my grandmother and her 99-year-old father next door, said Henry Wollan.

It's been a tough time for those in the west, but now hundreds of volunteers are flooding into Texas to give them relief.

“We're just all devastated at what happened,” said one volunteer.

Many of the volunteers had no ties to the community.

“we take all this real dear to our hearts,” said a volunteer.

They're tackling everything, from search and rescue, to clearing the tons of debris littering the towns.

"I could be doing multiple things; feeding, delivering, boat distribution, handing out shovels, rakes and tarps and stuff like that," said Thomas Meyers.

Thomas Meyers has been volunteering with the American Red Cross for five years. He says when he got the call on Friday to go to Texas, he was ready.

"Packed all of my necessary bags, clothing," said Meyers. "I'm very excited to be helping people, that's what I love doing."

He's unsure of how long he will be there, but is ready for the long haul. "I'm not really sure but most deployment is two to three weeks, but it could be longer," said Meyers.

Meyers left yesterday afternoon; he was expected to arrive in Texas on Sunday with 21 other volunteers from Tennessee.

More volunteers from Tennessee are being dispatched on Monday.

The death toll from the floods in Texas and Oklahoma has reached 28 and 11 people are still missing.  

Twenty-two volunteers from the Tennessee Region of the American Red Cross deployed to the area to assist with the relief efforts.  Volunteers will be serving food in shelters and from response vehicles circulating in some neighborhoods when it's safe to do so. Volunteers will also be handing out comfort kits and cleaning supplies.

One local resident helping the Red Cross as an emergency driver spoke with Channel 3 about his experience.  

Thomas Myers, Red Cross volunteer, "It's something I love doing. I've retired and found this is what I want to do. Been doing this about five years now. Very excited to be helping people that's what I love doing. When they call me I'm ready."

On June 2nd, the American Red Cross will hold its inaugural Giving Day with 24-hour fundraising campaign to support those in need in communities across the country.

Schedule a donation for Giving Day at
. You can also help build awareness by using the hashtag #allin1day on Twitter and Facebook.