You may agree the bond that ties brothers is a special one.

A TV pilot about two brothers, one with down syndrome shows us just how strong that bond can be and it was shot in the Scenic City.

Chris McNelly and Andrew Ankar are friends, some might say best friends and they play brothers on the pilot "Mac & Drew."  

But it's Andrew's heart that Chris says the show is based on. That, and the two of them working in a restaurant together.  

They filmed last week at the Bluegrass Grille on Main Street.

"It's about this guy and how he lives life and life with anyone with special needs. The story is this self-entitled trust fund baby that comes home, but in the end it's what he needs," said Chris McNelly, Co-creator of "Mac and Drew".  

The creators of the show hope it helps bring attention to people with special needs working in any industry.

Andrew works at his family's restaurant, Ankar's Hoagies, in Hixson.  

The crew is hoping the show is picked up by a network or Netflix. They're partnering with the Chattanooga Down Syndrome Society.