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Volley-Futbol's debut in Chattanooga

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB)  -- Chattanooga FC fans may want to check out the halftime action of tonight's game as a relatively new sport makes it's unofficial debut in the Scenic City.
It's called Volley-Futbol.
Consider it a hybrid between soccer, volleyball and tennis.
Volley-Futbol's founder Brandon Wright, an East Ridge, Tennessee native, will put on a demonstration at half between CFC and New Orleans.
We spoke to him earlier about the sport and those who play it.

" I've seen people who have played hackysack that are really good at this game who have never played soccer before but they learn to adapt to be honest with you," says Wright. And all of those things that a soccer player can do the heading, just the kicking over the net , anybody can really play this game, it's really a recreational game for everybody."

The Volley-Futbol East Coast tour resumes Saturday at 1pm at the Redoubt Soccer Fields near Enterprise South.

For more info, check out their webpage http://volley-futbol.com/

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