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Crime Stoppers: Man with a Knife Holds Up Convenience Store

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Out at the Kangaroo convenience store on Highway 58, surveillance video shows a man enter. He had a crime in mind. "He walked up to the counter, looked like he was making conversation with the clerk," said Chattanooga Police Officer Tim McFarland.

The suspect's conversation was short. He asked for a pack of smokes. "She came back with the cigarettes," Off. McFarland continued. "He presented a folding knife."

The clerk did the smart thing, handed him whatever cash he was after and ringing for police once the bad guy scampered away.

The video and pictures are not the greatest quality. "They're somewhat clear," said McFarland, "but, they never present a good picture of the suspect's face, So, were kind of hoping someone will recognize the stature of the way he walks, his build, and give us any information from that."

Have a good look at the suspect. He is said to be a black male in his 40's or 50's. "He was wearing what looked like it would be a North Face, blue in color, pullover, with a Bear Bryant style hat," McFarland added.

The short-brimmed fedora looks to be gray and is definitely not something you see every day. Plus, he is wearing glasses. "The frames of the glasses appear to be kind of thick, kind of titanium or silver-ish in color," McFarland explained. "So, that may stand out as well if someone were to recognize him."

Remember, up to $1,000 reward cash is available for your good tip. "Maybe somebody will recognize it, we're hoping so," McFarland continued. "It's worked, actually, last week. The case, Red Bank, was solved due to the video. So, they were able to make an arrest."

You could be the next person to get paid. If you know anything about this crime or this criminal, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

A police officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask who you are.

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