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Man caught on camera exposing himself to motel guests

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MCMINN COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - An Athens man was arrested after motel surveillance cameras caught him exposing himself to other guests, which may have included children.

It happened at the Athens Lodge in McMinn County on Tuesday. Kenny Meadows, Jr., 25, is charged with indecent exposure.

"There was a camera right where it happened behind him. I didn't know if he was shooting pool, then all of the sudden he stood up and I said 'Oh, boy'," said Bob Baker, who just took over the Athens Lodge last month.

"If I would've known about it, they probably would've taken me to jail because I would've nailed him," Baker said.

Baker was shocked after learning one of his guests was caught in a lewd act in the motel's game room. The man was looking out to several guests, which may have included children on the pool and patio area.

"The kids seeing this, my God, you know, it's just very disgusting," said Baker, who led McMinn County detectives to Meadows' room.

According to court documents, Meadows' girlfriend answered the door and shouted to her boyfriend, "You know why they're here."

Meadows was charged with indecent exposure.

"You've got your room. Use it," said Baker, who is working on renovating the motel.

He said he also plans to tighten up on who can stay here by running a guest's driver's license and vehicle tag before checking in.

Baker wants to clean the place up.

"I was more than happy to get rid of them," he said.

For other guests, word of the arrest spread fast.

"He was touching himself in the game room," said Lacy Cole, a mother of three.

She's thankful her kids weren't around when it happened.

"I wouldn't want my kids to go play pool or something and some guy be in there doing that," said Cole.

Baker said although it's an unfortunate situation, he's glad someone was arrested --
hoping to help turn the Athens Lodge into a better and safer place for others.

"Move them out of here. That's what i'm gonna do," he said. "Just move them, unfortunately, like cattle."

According to Baker, the motel is now using a zero tolerance policy with guests. If they get caught doing something illegal, they'll be kicked out immediately.

Meadows is set to appear in court this week.
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