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UPDATE: City-owned tram up for auction

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - UPDATE: The inclined elevator - or tram - that sits on East First St. near the Market St. Bridge has been on the market for about three weeks, and if the city approves the latest bid -- it could be gone for good!

The incline elevator was installed in 2005 to help visitors to downtown travel just 100 feet up the steep hill.
But it stopped working shortly after and hasn't been in use since then.
The city says it's turning into an eyesore and now it's time to find it a new home.

Bidding for this incline elevator started at $3,000.
The tram hasn't made a trip up the hill in years and now the city of Chattanooga says it's time for it to go.

"I think we made a good faith effort in trying to get the thing to work, now it's time to get it out of the way so we can do something else," said Lee Norris at the Department of Public Works.

The tram is still operational but no longer meets the state's standards for public use.
If the city started using it again it would need to have an operator inside for each trip up and down the hill.

The city installed the incline elevator to make East First St. more handicap-accessible, and address those needs once this machine is removed.

The city has no plans to sell the property. It will still be open to the public.

"We've got to have something in there that gives access up to the sculpture garden and on up to the south end of the Walnut Street bridge," Norris said.

Bringing the new toy home comes with a few strings attached. The price and task of removing the tram is all up to the new owner.

But it will be up to the city if the winning bidder gets the tram.

The bidding stopped at $9,250, which is below the city's confidential asking price.

"There is a minimum price we need to ask for that and hold that price," Norris said, "If we don't get it this time, we may wait a week or so and go out for bids again."

The winning bidder should find out sometime next week if the city accepts that bid.
If it's rejected the incline elevator will go back up for sale at another auction soon.

ORIGINAL STORY: If you've ever wanted to own a little tram now's your chance.

Online bidding for this contraption started about 3 weeks ago and it ends Wednesday at noon.

The inclined elevator, or tram, could be yours for the right price.

It sits on the Aquarium side of the Market Street Bridge.

It was constructed and placed in service in January 2005.

The cabin fits 8 people or 1,400 pounds.

If you do buy it you also have to move it.  The purchase includes tram, track, and station doors.

Starting bid is $1,000.  So far no bids have been made.  For more information or to make a bid click here

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