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U.S. Pro Cycling has large convoy for a reason

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Another highlight of the U.S. Pro Cycling course was the Kent Street hill climb, also known as 'The Wall' because of the more than 20 percent climb.

We had the chance to climb the hill inside a media chase car.

If you followed the progress you probably noticed there are many cars involved in the convoy.

"Some of the vehicles are team cars," says Shawn Brett with media operations. "We have ambulances. We have race officials. We have communications. We even have what they call neutral support, which in case the team car isn't next to a rider when he breaks down they can jump out and fix his bike."

He went on to say, "Sometimes it's quicker to change out a bike than to change out a tire. Or there might be a bigger mechanical. They'll even have shoes. They have food, drinks, all sorts of stuff for the riders on board." 
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