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City of Chattanooga seeking to make improvements to 32 intersections across the city

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - We've all been there before, red lights can be frustrating especially if the timing is off.

If traffic is backed up, it could mean you're stuck waiting on the same red light, more than once. The city of Chattanooga is trying to make driving through the city a bit easier. Officials say a new proposal could help ease the back up.

"Some places the arrow it doesn't give you long enough to turn left you know," said driver Larry Craig.

Too much traffic and not enough time. Drivers we talked to on Shallowford Road say traffic light delays only fuel frustration.

"You would think you could go from Shallowford all the way to Khols and if these lights are timed right you should never have to stop, but that never happens. you stop at every one of them," said driver Jim Buckner.

"Some of them, it feels like they stayed too long," said Craig. "I'm the world's worst... my wife fusses at me all the time for fussing at traffic lights."

The city's Transportation Department is hoping for a green light from city council members to apply for a federal grant. The grant, from the Tennessee Department of Transportation, would pay for improving bike, pedestrian and traffic signal timing at 32 intersections across the city. The intersections needing a tune-up are along Brainerd Rd, Lee Highway, Shallowford Rd, Gunbarrel Rd and Hamilton Place Boulevard. To make it happen, the city would have to match funds with a $500,000 dollar investment. While frustrated drivers say they would like to see change, some believe it's not a taxpayer priority

"I think if they are going to get grants and spend money like that...I think the homeless is a much better placed to spend it on," said Buckner.

The proposal asks city leaders to approve $500,000 dollars for a total amount not to exceed $2 million dollars.

The match percentage on the federal grant is 20% percent. The resolution is on the agenda for Tuesday's city council meeting. Stay with Channel 3 for the latest on this developing story. we'll keep you posted on what city leaders decide.

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