On Saturday, cyclists pedaled over 19 miles around the VW plant on Volkswagen Drive, all in effort to earn a spot at the World National Cycling Championship in Richmond.

“The roads around here are pretty nice and interesting, it's not just straight and back, you got some hills,” said Ruth Winder, Cyclist.

Kristin Armstrong came in first place for the women with a time of 42:08.04,this isn't her first win.

“This is my fourth U.S. Pro Title in the time trial, and my last Pro Title was in 2007,” said Kristin Armstrong, Cyclist.

The last female cyclist crossed the finish line just about 5 minutes behind Armstrong. Later in the day the men competed. The crowd watched and cheered as Andrew Talansky clocked in first at 38:48:49.

“Obviously being the national champion is one of the highlights of my career,” said Andrew  Talansky, Cyclist.

Winners Andrew and Kristin say there were obstacles on the road to Chattanooga, but they say dedication and determination helped them clock in on top.

“When you are out there and you are suffering, after 15-20 minutes your figuring how am I going to get to the finish line, those who focus and hurt more are going to be on the top step,” said Talansky.

The competition continues on Monday. The cyclists will be competing in the road race in downtown Chattanooga on Monday. 

That race determines if the cyclists qualify to compete in the World National Championship in Richmond in September, as Saturday's winners, Armstrong and Talansky are guaranteed a spot at world in the time trial event.