Joshua Rievley met Ashlyn Lamberth their freshman year at Bradley Central High School. He says, they quickly became inseparable. "We were together all of the time," Rievley remembered. "If we weren't together, we were constantly Skyping each other or texting each other."

She called him the day of the tragedy, just to tell him she was leaving for work. Joshua was in Knoxville with his cousin, out shopping. The next call he received changed his world. Ashlyn's car had been hit by a logging truck and she had not made it. "My mom called me and told me about it and I basically just dropped the phone and ran out to my truck," Rievley said, "and found my cousin in that massive store, and told him, 'we gotta get going.'"

It was a long drive home. The last couple of days have been even longer, thinking about what might have been; what was supposed to be. "She knew that we were going to get married, eventually," Rievley said. "That's all she ever, that's all we ever talked about was getting married."

Joshua had a plan, he was going to propose. "I'd always tell her I might do it this month, might do it next month, might do it next year," he said.

He had box and a ring picked out and wanted to pop the question after their first year of college. Ashlyn was going to Lee University, Joshua to Middle Tennessee State University. He wanted to prove to her their relationship could survive the miles.

Now, for him, she will live on in the memories they made of a relationship so strong, he went and purchased that ring on Friday. "Of course, I already knew she was going to say yes," he said. "So, I just left it on her finger."

What will Joshua miss most about Ashlyn? Her eyes, he says, and the good person she was. "No matter what she ever did, she always was just there to make everyone else happy," he added. "No matter what, she would get up, whatever she was doing, she would just stop right there and go help you. And she was very proud to be a Christian."

The family will receive friends from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm tomorrow at Eastside church of Christ in Cleveland with the funeral following at 4:00 pm.

A candlelight vigil is planned for Monday night at 8:30 at the site of the accident.

A gofundme account has been set up to help with expenses. If you would like to donate click here