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"Bessie" a hit with Chattanooga residents

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It was a sold out show at the Tivoli to see a piece of Chattanooga history on the silver screen.

Bessie Smith is regarded as one of the greatest singers of her time. She's portrayed by Queen Latifah in HBO's, "Bessie"

The city of Chattanooga Multicultural Affairs Office worked with HBO to bring the film about the icon to her hometown. Those we caught up with say they couldn't get enough of the movie, and it's all about that legendary voice, 

"It just spoke, it just speaks a message, didn't it, that people face every day. she was a real woman with real issues that people face everyday...she was the epitome of what people dealt with in those times,,, she was a fighter, and there's nothing like a good fighter -- you can't keep em down, oh yeah!"

This was the only screening at the Tivoli planned.  "Bessie" is still playing on HBO.

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