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Crime Stoppers: Bearded Bandit Robs Red Bank Dollar General with a Knife

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It was a brazen act, a broad daylight robbery at the Dollar General in Red Bank, and the bad guy was armed with a knife. "This guy had just blatant disregard for the other people," explained RBPD Detective Sgt. Steve Hope. "He didn't care and that's why he needs to be brought in off the streets."

Last Friday, in the lunchtime hour, in-store surveillance video shows a clerk stocking the shelves. Suddenly, the bad guy comes aggressively into the frame. "He did a direct approach," said Sgt. Hope. "He made physical contact with this guy and normally a person's going to jerk away, but I'm glad the clerk didn't because it didn't cause the bad guy to do anything worse than just take the money."

He threatened the clerk with a large knife and quickly moved him to the cash register. Have a good look at the pictures. This criminal, a white male, does not bother hiding his face. "He had a full beard," Hope said, "he had a blue hat with stripes, and he was wearing a shirt with a dear silhouette on it. He was also wearing hoodie and also a gray shirt underneath that."

As we get into the summer season and the days get warmer, that get-up: layers with a hoodie, should, at least, raise your antenna.

Have a closer peek at that ball cap. "It's a hat that you're not going to see every day," Sgt. Hope added. "So, I think it's from a company from around here or maybe even a softball team or football team, but if you recognize that hat, if anyone recognizes that hat, that may be the clue that we're after."

Provide that clue and you could be eligible for Crime Stoppers cash. "If you want to do it for the money, do it for the money," said the detective. "But, if you want to do it for the safety of others, because the right thing to do, call me anytime. We don't care."

This is a special opportunity. You do not necessarily have to know this guy or anything about this crime. If you could help police identify that hat, that may be the clue they need to zero in on the suspect. Of course, if you do know him, we want to hear from you, as well, and as always, we promise complete anonymity.

Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

An officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask your identity.

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