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UPDATE: Video of Murray Indians helping child's dream come true goes viral

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UPDATE: A video of a 5-year old boy making a touchdown during a Murray County Indians game is going viral. 

Channel 3 was there when Ben Holloway scored for the Indians.  Here's the story and the video from that eventful day. 

"He's excited about tonight," beams proud mom Katie Holloway, as it's nearly showtime for her son Ben, as his father Josh buckles down his son's chin strap.
" He's a walking, talking miracle right now, we're hoping that the Lord's blessings continue," says Josh Holloway.
The fact that 5 year old Ben Holloway is alive is a blessing in itself.
Just 13 months ago, Ben's mom Katie began worrying about her son's bulging right eye.
" She kept telling me over and over, 'we gotta take him to the doctor , something is wrong with his eye, it ain't right.'"     
When Dad finally relented, Ben's doctor moved fast.
" Within two minutes of seeing the pediatrician, he already had T.C. Thompson on the phone," recalls Josh.
The diagnosis? Dural Arteriovenous Fistula, a rare and catastrophic malformation of the arteries and veins in Ben's brain, that created a golf-ball sized gap at the base of Ben's cranium, that left untreated, would likely prove fatal.
Only one doctor in the country was willing to treat Ben, with a rather unconventional method, a catheter, going from Ben's groin to his brain stem.
" Space age platinum coils, the size of a human hair, he injected 29 feet of those into a one inch pocket on Ben's brain," explained Josh regarding his son's latest procedure to correct the issue.
" The doctor, when we left New York last year, looked at us and said that 'he is going to live a normal life and get to be a normal child,"' smiled Katie.
But one that would never play football, until tonight.
Ben had always wanted to score a touchdown for his beloved Murray County Indians, and when the team heard of Ben's wishes, they did everything to make it happen.
In a specially called play during halftime of the team's annual spring scrimmage, Ben took the handoff and ran for daylight, and every time he fell, he got back up again.
Until he found dear old dad in the end zone, and a joyous celebration ensued.
" Its awesome, " exclaimed Indians Head Coach Chad Brewer afterward. " Because we don't realize how blessed we really are just to be able to walk and go to work everyday and I wanted our team to experience that. Our coaches, our fans because if we can fight like him everyday we'll all be better people and we got to always remember to get back up when we fall down too so I'm glad we were able to share that moment with his family."
"So. tell me about that run, you kept plugging, you fell down and you kept going for it huh?" I asked Ben after his touchdown celebration in the end zone.
" Yes, the ball, the ball was so heavy that when I fell down I dropped it," said Ben.
Giving him maybe a better understanding of Tom Brady's deflated ball controversy, while pumping up his hometown Indians with a healthy dose of inspiration.
" BEN, BEN, BEN, BEN, BEN ," the team cheered as their biggest pint-sized fan was carried off their field.

Ben's family has incurred incredible medical bills to pay the surgical expenses involved.
If you'd like to help, click on http://www.gofundme.com/94klps


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