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ONLY ON 3: 82-year-old graduates from South Pittsburg High School

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Dozens walked across the field for graduation at South Pittsburg High School Tuesday night, but one graduate in attendance has been waiting for this day longer than the other graduates have even been alive.

"Years I have wanted this, years," said Reeves.

It's been 82 years in the making for Peggy Tate Reeves, who was due to graduate a few years back.

"49, 1949," said Reeves.

But back then, life got in the way. "I had to have my appendix taken out when I was a junior in high school," said Reeves.

She was out of school for weeks. she took summer school to try and catch up, but they didn't offer enough credits and when her senior year rolled around; "I had to have a job and I started to work and back then they didn't ask for diplomas," said Reeves.

She was only a 1/2 credit short from being able to graduate from South Pittsburg High School. She said it was in chemistry, which wasn't her strongest subject. "Mr. Bean asked me what caused a match to strike, I told him that thing at the end," said Reeves.

It was something she thought about for years, but didn't tell anyone about until last October. With the help of her son-in law, the school system granted her that 1/2 credit in civics, from her life experience. "This gives me self-confidence, it helps my self-esteem," said Reeves.

"I've waited so very, very long for this diploma," Said Reeves. "It's just a lifelong dream."

Reeves is the oldest to ever graduate from South Pittsburg High School. She plans to continue her education and the first class she plans to take is grammar.

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