Cynthia Ward says she still can't believe she wasn't shot, when bullets started flying in the parking lot outside her Wilson  Street apartment Sunday.

“As you can see they hit my window and my rear view mirror,” said Cynthia Ward.

Ward says as soon as she heard the gun shots, she ducked for cover

“So I had to dive up under my car,” said Ward.

She says she was so frightened; all she could do was pray and plead with the gunmen to stop.

“I was up under the car, I was talking to the guy that was shooting, and I was saying "Stop, get in your car, please go away.” said Ward.

The Chattanooga Police Department is investigating the shooting, they say started with an argument between four people. Two or three shots were fired. While no one was hit, police are working to identify who fired the gun. For now, this is a shots fired investigation, nothing new in Cynthia Ward's neighborhood. She says she hears gunshots every week and is concerned for her safety as well as the safety of the kids in the neighborhood.

“What if these children, one, two would have got shot?” said Ward.

But instead of packing her bags, Ward says she is planning to call her neighbors together to discuss ways of keeping crime out of Woodlawn 

Apartments, a place police know well.

“We just want to live in peace, and that's all we asking, can we have a peaceful community?” said Ward.

Ward says during yesterday's shootout she hurt her neck and shoulder while ducking for cover. CPD encourages anyone with information to call 423- 698-2525.