Next week on Pentecost Sunday, the Lee Singers of Lee University will perform traditional sacred choral music from the late renaissance era to the 21st century, in Vatican City at St. Peters Basilica. Pope Francis may be in attendance.

“Unbelievable, and it is such a privilege, I never imagined coming to lee that I would get all these opportunities to sing and use the gifts god has given me,” said Alex Ubiera, choir member.

The choir tuned their voices up one final time Saturday.

“They have to spend probably two hours, for every hour of rehearsal, two hours out of rehearsal for preparation, learning their music, memorizing their notes, doing sectional work,” said Brad Moffett, Director.

Next week will be the first time these students ever performed at the Vatican.

“I'm really excited I heard there is the possibility there will be over 100,000 people there that day which is mind blowing,” said Ubiera.

The choir is hoping their music makes an impact.

"We also want to share this idea that the power of the Holy Spirit dwells in those who have accepted Christ,"

The choir will also perform in Venice during the week.