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Dalton PD establishes "Safe Zone" for e-commerce

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Dalton police have established a “Safe Zone” for e-commerce transactions.

Online sales through websites such as Craigs List allow strangers to easily sell items, with virtually no knowledge of the other person or parties involved.

The move by the Dalton Police Department mirrors what many public safety agencies have told people for years about transactions with strangers: conduct your business in a safe, public place.

The front parking lot of the Police Services Center at 301 Jones Street is a “safe zone” for you to make such transactions, according to a news release.

“Since the Internet gives so much anonymity to buyers and sellers, there will always be some risk to meeting a complete stranger,” says Chief Jason Parker. “Suggesting the meeting take place at a law enforcement facility may discourage those very few who may have bad motives.”

Police also suggest the “safe zone” be used for other activities, such as meeting for child visitation or dropping off kids to a parent for child custody purposes.

“A few people already meet regularly in the parking lot of our facility on Friday and Sunday evenings as part of child visitation from a divorce order,” Chief Parker notes. “Some just see it as a neutral ground, so it makes sense that it would add an element of safety.”

The “safe zone” can also be used for first meetings for online dating.

And as always, police suggest you never meet a stranger in any place alone.

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