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UPDATE: Chattanooga police car struck in crash

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UPDATE:  A Chattanooga Police officer was taken to the hospital after a two-car crash on Friday morning.

It happened around 8:30 a.m. on Browns Ferry Road, near I-24. Police said a 16-year-old ran a red light and struck the officer's driver side door.

"He just stated he didn't see the light," Ofc. Joe Warren said of the teenager who T-boned the officer's patrol car.

The officer was passing through the intersection from the exit ramp. Dash cam video captured the moments leading up to the crash, allowing traffic investigators to quickly determine it was the teen's fault.

"It was clear that the patrol vehicle was the third vehicle in line, going through a green light, and that the other vehicle ran the red light," Warren said.

The teen was driving a Honda Civic, which was also damaged during the crash. The driver and passenger were not injured, but it's a wake-up call for young drivers.

"Especially with new drivers, there's so many new things being thrust at them. They get about six months of driving under their belt and they feel like they've got it figured out," Warren said.

"It's a new experience. For some, it's very frightening," said Dr. Roger Thompson, a local driving instructor at Haman's New Drivers.

Some new drivers, especially teens, may think they're invincible behind the wheel.

"Some have played video games, and they describe themselves as being very good, and imagine this to be a video game on display," Thompson said.

When it's in a safe environment, Thompson said sometimes, students learn from making minor mistakes with an instructor -- so they won't repeat it when they're on their own.

"Just to show them that this is not a game, and here's what we don't do on the highway," he said.

Although speed was not a factor during Friday's crash, investigators haven't ruled out distracted driving.

"That's a possibility, but I wasn't able to prove or disprove that," said Warren.

The officer was treated for minor injuries and released from Erlanger on Friday morning.

The teen driver was cited for running a red light.

A Chattanooga police officer was involved in a traffic crash Friday on Browns Ferry Road at the I-24 west exit ramp.

The officer's car was struck when a 16 year-old male ran a red light and struck the car on the driver's side, according to a Chattanooga police spokesman.

Both vehicles were significant damaged in the crash.

The officer was transported to a local hospital for examination and treatment,

since the impact was to the drive's side door of the police car.

No injuries reported from the driver or passenger of the vehicle that ran the red light.

The 16 year-old driver was cited for running the red light.

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