We've seen weeks of clean plates and golden spatula awards in Hamilton County.

Eating out has been a pleasure with no restaurants failing to make the grade. Well, the buffet line continues this weekend as inspectors hit more than 20 places in Hamilton County.

Great job by all the employees. Remember, a failing grade is any score lower than a 70. We do have to pass along the lowest score earned this week and that's an 83 at Taco Mac on Market Street.

Inspectors saw an employee not changing his gloves between tasks. Could be handling food or cleaning products. The gloves must be changed out each time.

Also, cleaning chemicals were being stored improperly in the kitchen and seafood had to be thrown out due to being stored at the wrong temperature. Once again they serve up a passing grade of 83

Now on the other end of the food bar we find a solid score of 100. Call the kids, mom and dad and enjoy what Subway is serving on Highway 58. Congratulations.

Don't forget if you have a complaint about a restaurant call the hamilton county health department hotline at 423-209-8110. Someone will actually answer your complaint in person every weekday between 8-4. Enjoy your meal!