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High speed chase ends with McMinn crash, seriously injuring two women

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MCMINN COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -  A high-speed police chase, spanning several counties and involving several agencies ended in a crash Tuesday night in McMinn County. The driver had to be subdued by a stun gun and that was all before he tried to escape from the hospital.

At times, the chase reached speeds of 105 miles per hour. It started in Meigs County, went through Bradley, and ended in McMinn County when the suspect crashed into someone else's car.

"He came over about 15 til eight and said, 'We've got to go. Your wife and my wife is in an accident.' And he said,'They're hurt seriously. They're going to have to cut her out of the car.' And when he told me that it really took a toll on me," says Winston Ledford.

Ledford gets choked up recalling the moment his son-in-law told him about his wife and daughter. 

"When I saw the car, it's a miracle that both of them got out alive," says Ledford. "My wife, they said the airbag hit her. She might have cracked some ribs. But my daughter, when they read the x-rays on her, it busted her hip and they said it broke her leg. They've got her in traction right now for the pain."

The two were traveling down Highway 11 in McMinn County Tuesday night when they were hit by a white pickup. Forty-six-year-old Donald Abbott was behind the wheel. 

Tennessee Highway Patrol says deputies in Meigs County spotted his truck and knew he was wanted for felony robbery and assault and Abbott was determined to get away.

"It's an awful thing that these people are out here driving under the influence. Innocent people getting hurt for something like that," says Ledford.

Abbott was driving on a revoked Georgia license for five prior DUIs.

"I appreciate all the prayers of those that's watching. They said if it hadn't been for the good Lord up above, either one them might not have made it."

Abbott is facing charges of DUI, felony reckless endangerment as well as other charges. 

It turns out he tried to flee the hospital in Chattanooga so he was arrested by Chattanooga police and is facing additional charges out of Hamilton County. 
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