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UPDATE: Street sign fixed, more problems surface

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - UPDATE: We are following up on a story we first brought you on Eyewitness News at 11, after a viewer showed us a misspelled sign that's gone unnoticed for seven years.

Our cameras were there as crews fixed that sign on the corner of E. 34th Street and 3rd Avenue Tuesday morning, less than 24 hours after being made aware of the problem.

Harvey Davis lives who lives in the East Lake neighborhood is glad the problem is fixed and says he's had to give first responders directions before because of the mistake.

“You've got new police officers on this force and a lot of times when I call them out to different things, they get it mixed up. But I do appreciate what they're doing,” Davis said.

But our story has brought attention to more misspelled signs in the city of Chattanooga.

A sign on W 41st Street reads “W 41TH Street” and another one on LaBrea Drive. It reads LaBrea Road instead.

John Van Winkle is the city's traffic engineer. He says it costs about $50 to make a street sign and each one passes through two sets of hands.

“We have a computer program that will print the letters and then we peel them off and put them on the sheeting, the green background,” Van Winkle added.

After a sign is made, it's then handed off to a crew that places it.

Van Winkle says his department takes the job seriously, but they depend on the public to report problems.

“If they just assume that someone else is going to take care of it, it may never get done,” he said.

Van Winkle says his department has no record of the sign misprint on 3rd Avenue or the signs on W 41st Street and LaBrea Drive.

He urges citizens who notice a sign misprint to make a report by calling 3-1-1 or by clicking HERE.

After filing your complaint, you will be given a tracking number so you can check the status of your request.

When Joseph Lemaster tells people the street he lives on, he gets the same response from everyone.

"It's not a joke, and people are like "Are you serious? said Lemaster

Joseph has lived on 3th, which should be called 3rd for seven years. He's had to look at the error since he's moved into the neighborhood. 

He and his neighbors got tired of looking at it, so they took it up with the city.

Nothing came of it, it just seemed like they didn't care, said Lemaster.

Channel 3 made the city aware of the problem. They say this is the first they heard of it. We are told a worker at the traffic operations facility made the mistake. 

The city says they are going to make a correction. So this sign can match the other signs along 3rd Avenue.

We want to get it correct, we want to convey an image that we have good sign plans in the city, said John Winkle, City Traffic Engineer.

Last year the city inspected over 55,000 signs. It was determined that only 5% of signs were below minimum standards. 

Grafitti are on some street signs...and names on some of the signs are fading away. They are in the process of being replaced.

That's why we did this survey to make sure we have signs that are readable in the daytime, nighttime or whenever, said Winkle.

As for the sign along 3rd or as Joseph calls 3th, the city says they will replace this sign in the next day or two. Joseph looks forward to the change.

The city tells Channel 3 if you notice any problems with the signs in your neighborhood to call 311. 
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