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Stabbing still fresh for Cleveland neighbors

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CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) - Vickie Woods and her neighbors who live along Wynwood Drive in Cleveland are still coming to grips with what happened here Saturday night. Vicente Ramirez Fernandez is accused of stabbing his ex-girlfriend 21-year -old Crissy Bean and her mother Karen Sue Rhodes. Police say Dennis Grissom, a neighbor, tried to step in and that's when he was stabbed as well.

“I mean just horrified, and scared, I mean just terrified," said Vickie Woods, neighbor.

The crime scene has since cleared, but what happened here is still fresh on the minds of those who watched it unfold.

J.D. Houston has lived here since 1964, his house sits right across from where the stabbing happened.

“It's not unusual no more, that happens, densely populated place,” said J.D. Houston, neighbor.

Kids who were inside the home at the time of the stabbing were taken into DCS custody. Neighbors say they are keeping all involved in their prayers.

“We will be trying to find out how they are doing, I'm sure they will be mentioned in church,” said J.D. Houston.

Cleveland Police tell Channel 3 Crissy Bean and her mother Karen Sue Rhodes, are still at a local hospital. Their neighbor, Dennis Grissom, who tried helping, was taken to sky ridge. His injuries were less severe.
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