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Jason Smith: "It feels like we're on vacation"

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Just 24 hours after getting the keys to their new home, Jason and Lauren Smith say it still feels like just a dream. We checked in with them on Sunday to find out how the new house is treating them.

"Any solider who's been hurt or anyone who's been hurt, there are things you don't think about," said Jason. "You need a lot more room when you're in a wheel chair and I'm in the wheelchair 30-40 percent of the day."

Smith says his handicap accessible apartment wasn't quite accessible, taking away valuable freedom. "In the apartment we had carpet, in here it's all hardwood. So I was rolling around with just two fingers and I was like man this is great."

His family's life has changed in just 24 hours. "I can move more freely. I can take care of my daughter. I can cook for my wife," said Smith.

He's a step closer towards healing, with a home that helps him live a more fulfilled life. "It's huge. It's a leap. It's awesome," said Smith.

"Jason said this morning when we woke up, life is so much simpler and it's true," said Lauren Smith.

They still feel like they're dreaming and after the first night in their new place, they know they want to help fulfill the dreams of others too. "This is a blessing how they helped my family, and I would love to help someone who's in the same boat," said Jason Smith.

Jason is already working on a board to help with the next home build. He and his wife, Lauren, thank the community for their generosity.

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