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Chattanooga woman arrested on child abuse charges

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A Chattanooga woman faces charges of child abuse after hitting her child several times.

Early Friday morning, around 1:20 a.m., Chattanooga police responded to a disorder on the 500 block of E 17th St. When they arrived they spoke to a woman who said her daughter Cassaundra Neely, 34, and her son were arguing because Neely was hitting her 11-year old child.

The child told police he was asleep when his mom came in the room, sat on the bed and began to undress. He asked her to go to the bathroom to undress and she became angry. The child said Neely hit with a closed fist twice on the left cheek and once on the right side of the jaw for being disrespectful. At this point the child's uncle tried to intervene. The adults went to the living room while the grandmother took another child, a one-year old, into the bedroom with the victim and shut the door.

Neely forced her way into the room knocking the grandmother and one-year old into a closet. That's when the grandmother called police. Neely told police her son was being disrepectful and and when he is she will "beat his.....".

Police noticed the child's cheek swelling from where he'd been struck. They did not find any other injuries on anyone else. A child abuse detective was called to the scene and Cassaundra Neely was taken to the Hamilton County jail. She is charged with two counts of child abuse and one count reckless endangerment.

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