Jefferson's has responded with an update to their inspection, calling the conditions cited by Hamilton County Health Department inspectors as "embarrassing and unacceptable."

After the violations were recorded by inspectors, Jefferson's took corrective action. 

A second inspection elevated their score to a 96.

Hamilton County restaurant inspectors hit the streets again this week, putting a few places under the microscope. Just nine restaurants to be exact, and no failing grades this week. Remember, a failing grade is any score lower than a 70.

However, the low score of the week can be found at Jefferson's restaurant on Georgia Avenue. They serve up a 78 and here's why:

The freezer and walk-in cooler were both not working. They did have everything up in running several hours later, but a lot of the food items were close to having been thrown out. 

Weed killer products were stored too closely to kitchen cleaning products, and speaking of the kitchen, there wasn't adequate ventilation. Also, the handicapped bathroom pipes were backed up and needed immediate attention. They once again score a 78.

How about this high score of 97: the honors go to two restaurants this week. Hats off to the employees at the Krystal on Signal Mountain Road and a popular downtown spot called Mindy B's Deli on Georgia Avenue.

If you have complaint about a pool, restaurant, health care facility, or day care, call the Hamilton County Health Department Hot line at 423-209-8110.

Someone will personally answer your call weekdays, between 8:00am and 4:00pm.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your meal!