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Former NBC Today host visits Chattanooga to speak at AIM Center

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A long-time national news anchor, reporter, co-host of the TODAY show right here on NBC was in Chattanooga Thursday night.  And while it's been a few years, this wasn't her first trip to the scenic city:

Jane Paule, "We've both changed (laughs) like I've gotten older, and Chattanooga's gotten newer! It's amazing, it's great to be back and find out you know, the 21st century is looking pretty good here."

The familiar face of morning and daytime TV was the guest speaker at the AIM Center's "Creativity and Courage in Mental Health" benefit. Pauley is a longtime advocate in children's health and education, and a highly regarded spokesperson in mental health issues, having been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder herself.

Thursday she shared some of her favorite memories of the Tennessee Valley.

Jane Pauley, "Look at Lookout Mountain and I'm lookin' where are these ?! I don't see anything but trees, I'm looking for 7 states, you know there's this big build up!"

The event was to benefit the AIM Center. Over the past 25 years, the AIM Center has helped over 3,000 adults with mental illness achieve productive and meaningful lives.

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