Denise Ballard chokes up about what happened at the Cascades Motel in East Ridge in February. Her son, Reginald Ballard met Tabitha Garrison on Facebook. 

Police say the pair went to the Cascades Motel where Garrison had plans to rob him.

I just want my son; I just want justice for my son," said Denise Ballard, Mother of Reginald Ballard.

Detectives believe Garrison tipped off Kyhree Thompson, and Verronta Page about the motel room.When the pair showed up to rob him, they say Thompson shot him in the chest and neck.

Thompson was Reginald Ballard's childhood friend, and drove to Kansas after the shooting. The family tells Channel 3, Ballard was a hard worker just trying to take care of his son.

"He was working since he was 16-years-old, he never asked me or him for anything, that's why he worked three jobs to take care of his son, said Ballard.

Reginald's 1-year-old son Ty'quez Ballard will have to go through life without a father. Reginald's mother and father say they are going to fill the gap. 

"My grandson won't have to want for anything, said Ballard.

's family tells Channel 3 they just want justice, and their questions answered into why the trio took their son's life.

The trio has been charged with first degree murder, tampering with evidence, and possession of a firearm. 

They will go before an East Ridge judge next Tuesday. It will be decided then whether this case heads to the grand jury.