When it comes to observing the weather, students at Boyd Buchanan School don't have to look any further than this classroom. Sure, they can also view the sky, but Channel 3's "Weather Bug" rooftop weather station completes the story, and the information's at their finger tips.

"It's interesting to see that weather is a very temporary thing as far as what's going on right now at one particular location," says teacher Emile Salisbury.

She's has been teaching here for 31 years, using the weather station for the past 16. It's connected to a computer which gives continuous readouts of the changing atmosphere.

Salisbury says this hands-on approach helps her teach weather better. The students can record every gust of wind, change in temperature, drop of rain, etc. She sees the kids' interest grow because they've experienced plenty of interesting weather.

"In recent times, when we've been having more tornadoes come through out area," recalls Salisbury. "We've kind of blown that old myth that it doesn't happen in the Tennessee Valley."

Lauren Massey and Will Wortman, both sixth graders, are two of the nearly 90 students involved in the program this year. Lauren says the station makes weather fun.  

"It makes it easier  to understand when you have a visual to look at and study," explains Lauren.

Will Hopes to be a meteorologist some day because he thinks forecasting is "cool".

"It's like predicting the future when you're a meteorologist. I bet they're so happy when they get the weather right," says Will with a laugh.

The enthusiasm extends beyond the students to coaches who keep track of wind chill, heat index, and lightning information to keep kids safe.

"A lot of times they'll come and stick their head in and say, oh, I was just checking the weather station," adds Salisbury.

Channel 3 is the exclusive Weather Bug partner in the Tennessee Valley. We have stations in six other schools in Chattanooga, 30 altogether in the viewing area. Pretty soon you'll be seeing be seeing this data on air as we enhance the weather bug program.