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Former prostitute shows others the way to redemption

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - "This is the main strip that I used to walk, this is the main corner I used to stand on."  

But this is no positive stroll down memory lane for Chattanooga native Catrina Cabe, who first started hooking along Willow Street 24 years ago as a rebellious 13 year old, who became all too enchanted with crack cocaine.

"I don't fault the working girls, I know what it's like to be compelled to do something that you never imagined doing."
Catrina says one night, she was walking these same streets barefoot in a sleeting winter, when a kind-hearted woman stopped and spoke to her, and over a meal asked her question, on behalf of a higher power.  

"And she said, 'He wants to know if you're done yet, He wants to know if you're through because He's sick of your promises, He's tired of your lies, He just wants you to come home.'"

Catrina believes nearly all the business that's transacted here on Chattanooga's streets are rooted in addiction. For the prostitutes' patrons, it's a sexual addiction, for the sex workers themselves, it's more of a substance issue.

"Rebecca Stern showed me the grace that God showed me, she showed me forgiveness and she believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself," says Catrina, who not only now believes in herself, but in all the streetwalkers' ability to turn their lives around.

To help make that happen, she hand delivers care bags, with a message of hope, encouragement and redemption. She credits her church, Mountain Creek Church of Christ, for welcoming her and her now three month old ministry called "Cry for the Broken".

"Not to humiliate these women out here but to show them Christ," says Cabe.

Cry for the Broken appeals for donations of personal sized toiletries for the care bags they distribute. Cabe hopes to one day have a halfway house in the East Lake to better transition those caught in the sex industry.

If you would like to help, call (423) 320-5778.

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