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22-year-old pleads guilty to 2012 murder of mentally handicapped man

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -  Justice has been handed down to the second suspect involved in killing a mentally handicapped man nearly three years ago.

Devante Stoudemire, 22, pleaded guilty to second degree murder Wednesday morning. He was facing life in prison, but will now serve 15 years.

Stoudemire is one of three young men who were charged with killing Steve Mosley in July 2012.

Mosley was mentally disabled. He was shot three times. The motive was to rob him of marijuana.

Ronald Cosper was convicted of the murder last month. The third co-defendant, Dustin Hayes,  was offered a plea deal in exchange for testifying at the trial.

According to the state,  Stoudemire -- also known as "White Chalk" --     not only provided the gun used in the murder, but also tried throwing away some of the evidence.

"The evidence would have been very similar to the evidence at Mr. Cosper's trial," said prosecutor Lance Pope. "It would've been primarily the testimony of Cheryl Billups."

Billups was dating Mosley at the time. She testified during Cosper's trial that Stoudemire got out of the car to talk to her while Cosper walked through a trail leading to Mosley's home.

"I seen a white car pull up., and in that white car, it was a white guy and two black guys. One of the guys was Ronald Cosper," Billups testified last month.

Within minutes, she said gunshots echoed through the neighborhood.

Mosley was found dead in his front yard.

Prosecutors say Stoudemire gave Cosper the gun used to kill Mosley and tossed the shell casings on the side of the road.

After Cosper was convicted, Pope said Stoudemire and his attorney Jay Perry came up with his deal.

"They presented us with a proposed plea agreement. We discussed it with the family and law enforcement, and accepted the proposal," Pope said.

Stoudemire must serve 100% of his 15 year sentence. Under the agreement, he will not be eligible for parole.
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