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CPD SWAT team works on Steps2Hope home build

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RINGGOLD, GA (WRCB) - Volunteers on Wednesday got a little extra help from some members of the Chattanooga police department.

Every other Wednesday Chattanooga police have mandatory SWAT team training, but instead of being at their regularly scheduled training they showed up to the Steps2Hope build site to help. 

"We've got members from the Chattanooga SWAT and hostage negotiation team, and some K9 officers who have agreed to come out and pitch in and lend a helping hand," said Sgt. Toby Hewitt.

About 30 Chattanooga police officers rolled up to the Steps2Hope build site in an armored SWAT vehicle.

"We're extremely honored because of Jason's sacrifices for our country," Sgt. Hewitt said, "It's the least we could do was come out here and pitch in a little bit of manual labor to help out on this project."

Officers took on the task of building a special project for Sgt. Jason Smith and his family. It takes them behind the house into these woods and even Channel 3 is keeping the project a secret until the big reveal. 
Among the group of officers there are several military veterans, including officer Michael Newton with the Hostage Negotiation Team.

"I actually was in the marines, the reserves, I was in there for five years," Newton said, "One combat tour in iraq back in 2008."

When Newton heard his community needed help building a home for a local wounded veteran, he signed up to help in any way he could.

"Him having to come back with the injuries, physical and emotional as well that he had suffered over there, my heart just went out to him and his family," Newton said.

The SWAT team's special project will be another surprise for Jason and his family.

Sgt. Hewitt hopes Jason will use their gift whenever he needs a place to relax.

"Go to the location of where this special project will be completed and hopefully that will be a place of special solitude and peace for him," Sgt. Hewitt said, "And just knowing we played a small part in that, it's a huge reward for us."

Members of the SWAT team stayed at the build site working all day. Jason and his family will get to see their finished project on Saturday during the big reveal.

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