The former Red Bank police officer accused of beating a man during a traffic stop had his court date passed Tuesday to June 22.

Mark Kaylor, represented by attorney Lee Davis, faces charges of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and official misconduct. Davis has said they're asking for a jury trial.

Members of the group Concerned Citizens for Justice organized in protest Tuesday outside the Hamilton County Courthouse carrying signs that said, "Investigate Red Bank Police Dept", "Protect, Serve, and Get Away With It" and "Indict The System", among others.

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"Internal affairs in Red Bank and Chattanooga, having police police other police, hasn't been successful," Organizer Ash-Lee Henderson said. "We would offer that there should be civilian oversight with subpoena powers and investigative powers that make decisions about what happens when a police officer abuses power."

The group protested in favor of police accountability and new rules for how internal affairs investigations are handled.

The grand jury indicted Kaylor on charges but only after an internal affairs investigation cleared Kaylor of any wrongdoing, finding that he followed policy and protocol.

Channel 3 reviewed the Chattanooga Police Department's policy for internal reviews. Turns out civilians do have a say with internal affairs at CPD where part of the process includes an "administrative review committee" made up of half police and half civilians who are appointed by the police chief.

Henderson said with more civilian oversight there could be fewer cases like Kaylor's.

Kaylor was scheduled to go before Judge Rebecca Stern but she retires at the end of the month so his case will be heard by a different judge.