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Staying in a trailer B&B

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From the mailbox it's easy to tell Blue Haven 151 Bed and Breakfast is a bit, "Funky and it's different."

Anne Wachtmeister owns the Nelson County Farm with its five bedroom guesthouse B&B.

"If your plan is to stay in an old 1800s home, which is wonderful, but that's not us." 

That's because guests can also stay in what Wachmeister calls her "cottages". Shiny classic Airstream campers. 
"They all have their own special character."

Blue Haven's team is restoring and refurbishing the metallic motorhomes.

There's "Woody", a 1977 Airstream Safari, with its avocado green countertops.

"You gotta have that from the 70s."

This one will welcome visitors to the Caribbean, "We've nicknamed that cottage Marley, after Mr. Bob Marley."

The B&B will repurpose the camper from cable reality TV show "Myrtle Manor" into a cottage with an "I Love Lucy" 1950's theme.
And Wachtmeister is making plans to put Airstreams in the air.
"We're going to have some treehouse cottages made from our smaller Airstreams."

Dee McKinnie is the caretaker at Blue Haven 151.
"We're not a trailer park. We're not a campsite."

She says guests young and old are booking reservations for Blue Haven's nostalgic feel.
"You're not sleeping on the cold ground. You're in this really cool vintage Airstream that has a lot of history to it itself."
All with a window to the Blue Ridge Mountains.
"The sunsets and sunrises up here are stunning."

Wachtmeister wants to wow her guests with an experience they won't find anywhere else along Route 151.
"We're the last stop on 151. So, we've been saying leave the best for last - you go do your fun and then stay with us and we take care of you."

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