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Broken road keeps disabled veteran homebound

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A Lookout Valley veteran isn't able to go down his road in his wheelchair because of a dangerous spot in the road. 

His family says they've been trying to get the road fixed for more than a year and their frustration- prompted them to call Channel 3.

Neighbors say they want this problem fixed fast, before someone crashes or worse. This problem spot is an obvious mess near a curve and blind spot on Raccoon Trail. 

"They said they were aware of the problem but here it still sits," said neighbor Alex Mckeel. 

The Mckeel family tells Channel 3 they've called Public Works Department for help several times over the last year and a half but nothing has been done.

"It's a dangerous area because the hill is a blind spot coming up it," said Alex Mckeel. 

Neighbors say drivers are constantly swerving to miss the problem spot. Channel 3 witnessed several drivers stop in the middle of the road to avoid it. 

"I call it the mini Grand Canyon," said Mckeel.

Lynda Mckeel says the hazard is more than just an inconvenience to drivers. It's a roadblock in her husband's therapy.  "We can't walk because we're afraid somebody is going to wham us," said Lynda Mckeel. 

She says her husband Gene Mckeel is confined to a wheelchair. The disabled Vietnam veteran can't cross the street safely. "He gave his life almost when he was in Vietnam, two times but I will say by God's mercy he came through it and we were blessed."

We took this issue to Public Works officials.  They tell Channel 3 they have received complaints about the road but cold temperatures and wet weather have prevented repairs. Each complaint is prioritized by the level of traffic and danger present. Primary roadways take first priority. Raccoon Trail is not considered a primary roadway.

"It's not fair, I could understand if we were asking for the impossible but we are not, we just want a community we can be proud of," said Lynda Mckeel. 

Officials say the re-pavement project for that section of roadway is scheduled for next week. Officials told Channel 3 they will put orange safety barrels around the problem spot until the roadway is fixed. 

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