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STEPS2HOPE Day 4: Home taking shape

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SUNDAY: Local volunteers spent the weekend building a local soldier a new home. They are a few days from seeing the fruits of their labor. The non-profit 'Steps 2 Hope' is working feverishly to complete a new home for Sergeant Jason Smith of Ringgold.

The workers started the day on Saturday with a lot on their plate. They had to do finishes to the ceiling in the family room, get doors up, fix up the bathroom, and do other necessary work to the house to get it ready for Jason and his family to move into next Saturday.

After hours of labor, workers met their goals. The ceiling is looking nice, the doors are up, and tile now sits in the new bathroom. Steps 2 Hope director Mark Wilson tells Channel 3 there was a bump or two along the way, but overall he is pleased.

HOW YOU CAN HELP | Steps 2 Hope volunteer info

"Oh it's awesome, you get to look up and you get to see what the ceilings are going to look like when they are done, the doors are up," said Wilson.

The house once complete is going to be handicap accessible for Jason.

"Things have to be bigger, you got a five feet clearance to turn a chair around, so you got to have space, it's almost like you take a normal house and you just push all the walls out,"said Wilson.

In order to get everything all wrapped up before Saturday, they need your hands.

"One thing we noticed, is once it hits dinner time, our help really dwindles, and we could really use some people who can say hey I can come out for an hour or two hours after dinner," said Wilson.

Now if you want to lend a helping hand, the volunteers are in Ringgold all this week from 7 AM to 11 PM. The address to where the construction is taking place is 6640 Salem Valley Rd, Ringgold, GA.

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