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Vanderbilt has embraced the college recovery movement

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By ADAM TAMBURIN, The Tennessean

NASHVILLE, TN (AP) - It started in high school on a friend's back porch.

Michael Levin, who was 15, put a pipe to his mouth and smoked marijuana for the first time. A couple days later, he and his friends got together and drank apple schnapps. It was his first taste of liquor.

For his buddies, those were moments of youthful indiscretion. But for Levin, it was the beginning of a battle that would climax a few years later when he arrived at Vanderbilt University.

Levin is one of the growing number of college students across the country who have come to terms with their addictions in environments where casual alcohol and drug use are commonplace.

In recent years, Vanderbilt has embraced the college recovery movement, adding support services and even a special residence hall for students who are fighting to maintain their sobriety on campus.

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