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Locals walk to raise awareness about Melanoma

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Everyday hundreds are diagnosed with melanoma. It's a silent skin cancer that is deadly and on Saturday a group walked to let everyone in the community know how the disease can affect you.

"Melanoma cancer is probably the deadliest cancer known to mankind," said Don Smith, Organizers. 

"Every five minutes someone is diagnosed with melanoma and every 57 minutes, someone dies from it."

But this walk was all about life as these walkers went to educate the public; warning them of the deadly cancer.

Linda Moore is a seven year survivor of the cancer and she put up a fight to get to where she is today.

"For about three years it was just surgery after surgery," Moore. "It was just a knot here and a knot there so every time they could come up, they would try a treatment, but if that didn't work, they'd have to cut it out. It was scary because you know there's no treatment for it."

Bobby Wade knows the same feeling,             hardly able to share his story without tears flowing. But he's reminded every day of what he went through, by the scar on his arm.

"I mean you just don't know it changes your whole life," said Wade. 

You won't find either of these survivors without sunscreen. "Haha, everyday," said Wade.

On Saturday, they walked to help find a cure for others just like them. "Every year they get closer and closer to a cure," said Wade. 

The most common sign of skin cancer is a change in your skin, this could mean a growth or a change in a mole.

What you need to be looking out for is moles or spots that are shaped irregularly, the border is jagged, the color is uneven, the diameter is larger than a pea, and the mole or spot changed during the past few weeks or months.       

If you have any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor.

The way to prevent melanoma? Stay in the shade, wear sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. The Center for Disease Control says clothing to cover exposed skin is also a good idea and that you should avoid indoor tanning.
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