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Crime Stoppers: Armed Robbers on the Loose

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It is more important than ever to round up this week's bad guys. They are armed, they are dangerous, and they have already proven they have no regard for human life or safety. We hope up to $1,000 and guaranteed anonymity will get you to help us find them.

"You can't run to the state line and expect to get away because agencies work together and we do that quite well," said Ft. Oglethorpe Police Sgt. Brad Palmer." We hope that cooperation and your tip will get a couple of dangerous criminals behind bars.

You no doubt remember the convenience store robbery in Fort Oglethorpe back on April 2nd. A masked and armed duo pulled the heist. The white male in the pair shot two people. "You know this crime is very aggravated in nature Sgt. Palmer explained. "During this robbery, multiple lottery tickets were taken and cashed, at the same day, approximately 19 hours later."

That is where we finally got a look at their faces, from surveillance at a convenience store just across the street from the earlier crime scene. It was a brazen act. The black male of the pair strolled in to redeem the stolen tickets. When his partner, the alleged gunman, appeared, Chattanooga Police detectives wanted another look. He was wearing the same clothing as the armed crook who knocked off the Speedway on Hickory Valley Road. "We possibly could be working the same white male suspect that committed the robbery in Chattanooga three days prior to our robbery," said Palmer.

The photos from the security footage are exceptionally clear. "That's about as good as you're going to get with in-store surveillance systems," Palmer added.

I you know one or both of these guys, you have already recognized them and that could mean a big payday for you. Up to $1,000 is available. A reward that they will never hear about.. while they sit in jail. "We need these gentlemen, too" Sgt. Palmer said, because we need to incarcerate these individuals. They're a danger to society."

Call Crime Stoppers at: 698-3333

A Police Officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask your name. Not even if you collect Crime Stoppers reward cash.

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