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Elderly man attacked and beaten in his Grundy County home

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An elderly Grundy County man has a long road to recovery. He was badly beaten in his Coalmont home. The attack happened over the weekend at his home on Partin' Circle.

Seventy-six-year-old Frank Brown is in bad shape. The Grundy County Sheriff's Office says someone broke into his home over the weekend, beat him up, and stole guns and prescription pills.

"It's pitiful for an old man to be done like that," says Frank Brown's neighbor, Monica Byers.

Investigators say early Saturday morning someone knocked on the door of 76-year-old Frank Brown, asking to use the telephone. When he answered, they attacked him.

"He had to be airlifted. They broke his jaw. He's got cuts all over him. His face is swelled up," says Byers.

After beating Brown within an inch if his life, his attackers stole two guns and prescription pills.

"It's pitiful. It's pitiful the way they done him. It's just uncalled for. And they need to be caught and they need to be put under the jail," says Byers.

"He's just a good old country boy. Never bothered nobody. Never meddled in nobody's business," says Michael Byers.

Michael Byers has known Brown for 30 years.

"If they've done it once, they'll do it again," he says.

A witness called the sheriff's office after seeing a woman walking near Brown's home on Saturday. They picked up 29-year-old Heather Levan.

Brown was able to identify her through a line up. She has been charged with aggravated assault and aggravated burglary.    

"She is protecting these other people," says Michael Byers.

Even though Frank Brown could only identify Levan, investigators have reason to believe at least one other person is involved based on interviews with Levan.

 "We don't need people running through this county like this," says Michael Byers.

"It'd make you sick. It's sickening the way that man looked. It's very sickening," says Monica.

 "I just hope Frank gets okay. If there's anything I can do for him, I'll do it," says Michael.

Mr. Brown is back in the hospital after taking a fall. Most likely, he will have to have surgery for his broken jaw. 

If you have any information, give the Grundy County Sheriff's Office a call at 931-692-3466.
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