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Son of Calhoun's Vice Mayor files lawsuit against city

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 UPDATE: The son of Calhoun's Vice Mayor is filing suit against the city for alleged abuse at the hands of law enforcement.

Mayor Dewayne Jones tells Channel 3, he's reviewed the case in question and at this time he stands behind the city police department's actions. The city's Vice Mayor tells Channel 3, her son's arrest and injury were retaliation.

Christopher Day filed a $1.25 million dollar lawsuit against the city of Calhoun on April 13. The suit alleges he suffered severe injuries during an arrest last year. The officer named in the suit is one of the city's two police officers.

"Mr. Day alleges that he was subjected to a false arrest, likely because of a vendetta," said Franklin Chasey, Day's Attorney.

The lawsuit claims the officer unlawfully searched Day's car before putting him under arrest on drug charges.

"There is a technique known as break checking, individuals who are put in patrol cars aren't wearing a seatbelt," said Chasey.

Day claims the officer sped to a high rate of speed before slamming on the breaks, sending Day face first into plexi glass and breaking bones in his face.

"It's not fully determined yet the extent of permanent damage," said Chancey. "It's not even clear if everything has healed at this time."

Day's mother Sandra Lowe- Day is the Vice Mayor of Calhoun. She wrote Channel 3 this statement saying in part quote:

"As a mother, I am devastated about the injustices that have been inflicted upon my son. The events were a direct result of me voicing my opinions and speaking up at Calhoun City meetings," said Sandra Lowe-Day, Calhoun's Vice Mayor.

She went on to say she believes the situation was a "warning" to keep her quiet about corruption in the city.

Calhoun's Mayor Dewayne Jones wouldn't speak to the lawsuit but responded with a written statement saying:

"I would like everyone to know that accusations of corruption in Calhoun have been made several times but when no solid evidence is brought forward and only hearsay to go on, accusations seem unfounded. If real evidence of corruption were found we would take action to resolve the problem," said Mayor Dewayne Jones.

Day is asking for a trial by jury and the city to pay his legal bills. Mayor Jones says the city's attorneys are looking at the lawsuit and preparing a response.

The arrest was reviewed by the mayor and police chief who say they found no action should be taken against the officer.

The son of Calhoun's Vice Mayor has filed a lawsuit against the city alleging he was injured while in police custody.

The lawsuit, filed by Christopher Day in McMinn County Circuit Court on April 13, names Calhoun Police Officer Charles Godsey and the City of Calhoun.

Day, son of Vice Mayor Sandra Lowe-Day, is seeking $1.25 million in damages. He claims Officer Charles Godsey came to his home to arrest him on April 16, 2014. The lawsuit says the officer conducted a search of Day's home without consent and discovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia. 

Day says the officer placed him in the back of his patrol car. On the way to the McMinn County Jail the officer sped the patrol car up to a high speed and slammed on the brakes, causing Day to be thrown forward, hitting his face. The lawsuit goes on to say Day “sustained significant injuries to the bones of his face”. 

The lawsuit alleges Day was falsely arrested and imprisoned. He alleges the event left him traumatized, emotionally distressed, and fearing police.

Day has asked for a trial by jury and for the city to pay his legal bills.

Channel 3 has reached out to attorneys on both sides. Our calls have not yet been returned.

Vice Mayor Lowe-Day says she supports her son. In a written statement, emailed to Channel 3, she says her son was targeted in response to opinions she voiced at a city meeting.

    "As a mother, I am devastated about the injustices that have been inflicted upon my son.  Unfortunately when you look at the facts     surrounding this case, the events were a direct result of me voicing my opinions and speaking up at Calhoun City meetings before I     announced my intentions on running for commissioner.  This situation was a “warning” to me to keep quiet about the long overlooked     corruption and events that I see every day in Calhoun.  Even though I have been elected and now hold the position as “Vice Mayor”, the     ability to get the majority of the commissioners to act towards  the corruption and injustices that are still happening in our little city has     proven almost impossible.  As a mother, I support my son and our family stands strong against the injustices that have taken place.  As     an elected official, I will continue to fight against corruption and any events that I feel are unethical." 

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