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BBQ Competitions raises money for Lana's Love Foundation

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Competitors at the Battle below the Clouds smoked it out for the best BBQ.

While only one will walk away with the winning meat, at the end of the day, there are many winners.

"You just can't get in a hurry, when cooking bbq you're just got to have some patients and it's low and slow," said Scott Chase, competitor.

The competition was heated at battle below the clouds.

"We plan on winning. We didn't come up here to lose," said David Smith, Competitor.

"I think we're gonna win," said Chase. "We just developed the dry rub which is totally secret."

It's all friendly and deep down all of these competitors have a tender spot for what the day is all about.

Thousands of dollars are going to Lana's Love Foundation; giving kids with cancer the chance to have a little fun with their families.

"One of these days there will be a cure for cancer and, kids especially won't have to go through this. It's hard enough on adults. But it's even worse on children," said Smith.

David Smith is an 11-year cancer survivor.

"I understand what cancer can do and what it does to families," said Smith. "It means a lot right now."

Their goal is to raise at least $8,000 for the Lana's Love Foundation.

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