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Skyy Mims murder trial begins Monday

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The woman at the center of a high profile murder case in Whitfield County is headed to trial.  

21-year-old Skyy Mims is facing several counts including murder and armed robbery.

Police say Mims, a Detroit native walked into the Kanku's Express off Airport Road in March last year, and stabbed the store clerk to death.  

She's pleaded not guilty to the charges.  

A final motions hearing was held Friday ahead of Monday's trial.  

Skyy Mims was quiet, staring at ceiling for parts of interview. Laughed, asked GBI agent if he was psychic.

Mims was an aspiring model and rapper from Detroit. Her attorney is Carla Marable, also from Detroit. She's asking GBI agent about lotto tickets.

Lotto tickets were found at Skyy Mims friend's house, where she was arrested in Bartow County. Marable argues Mims didn't understand her rights.

Judge rules Skyy Mims was read her rights and therefore would have understood them.

Lotto tickets were found at the house Skyy Mims was staying at. Lotto tickets matched stolen tickets from gas station where the clerk was killed.

Skyy Mims has never requested a plea deal, and one has never been offered. Mims has maintained her innocence, per the district attorney.

Whitfield Co Sheriff's Office is requesting extra security in the courtroom during the trial. Also wants Skyy Mims to wear a shock belt during trial.

Jury selection begins 9 a.m. on Monday and trial opening statements will start immediately after jury seated. 

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