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North Chattanooga neighborhood fed up with speeding

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Neighbors in a north Chattanooga neighborhood are fed up with those that speed through their community.

After a four year battle complaining to the city, they contacted Channel 3 to find out why nothing has been done.

It's a five minute walk for Chad Wykle and his kids to their school on  Mississippi Avenue.

But Wykle says it's become increasingly dangerous because of speeding in the area.

“It's easier for folks to travel this street quickly, fast without having to go on Fraizer Avenue where there's stop lights. More and more people are using it as a cut through.

There's a lot of road and foot traffic going to and from the schools, churches and daycares in this community and is why Wykle believes something needs to be done.

“We reached out to the city four years ago and have been in constant contact with them since looking for help,” he added.

The city conducted a traffic study last year that found over 1,500 drivers used Mississippi Avenue in a 24 hour period at an average speed of 39 miles per hour. The posted speed limit is 25 miles per hour.

“Playing in the front yard really isn't safe on this street,” Wykle said.

Last summer the city installed this traffic circle aimed to help with the problem. But many in the area say the circle isn't safe for pedestrians because larger vehicles like buses have to drive on the sidewalks while turning.

“Most parents get on the far side of the crosswalk and most drivers do their best to use the inside corner of the traffic circle but it's not a perfect situation for cars, buses or for people,” he added.

More than 60 people in this neighborhood have signed a petition to show they want more to be done.

Channel 3 contacted City Traffic Engineer John Van Winkle about the problem. He tells Channel 3, “A  number of traffic calming measures have been developed for Mississippi Avenue and the City of Chattanooga's Transportation Department will be getting input from the neighborhood on those.”

That input should be solicited in the coming days.

Stay with Channel 3 for updates on this story.

If you believe speeding is a problem in your neighborhood, you can report it by calling 311 or clicking here.

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