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Phone call leads to arrest of Cleveland man

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Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson received a phone call from his wife, that led to the arrest of an individual on Wednesday afternoon. 

Investigators tell Channel 3 that Watson was on patrol when his wife called and said that a subject was lying in a ditch on North Ocoee Street at the old Northside Presbyterian Church. 

Upon arrival, Watson discovered the man had left the ditch and broken a window to gain entry to the former church building, cutting himself on glass in the process. 

As Cleveland Police and Sheriff Watson prepared to enter the building, the subject 37-year-old John Possien of Tri Circle, attempted to leave via a back door. 

Cleveland Police officers used a taser to subdue Possien, who was taken into custody. 

Possien faces charges of Burglary and Vandalism over $5, 000. He was booked into the Bradley County Jail. 
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