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Rhea County family of firefighters lose home in fire

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RHEA COUNTY, TN (WRCB) - A Rhea County family dedicating their lives to fighting fire, has fallen victim to the very thing they try to protect others from.

The family of volunteer firefighters lost everything in a fire Monday afternoon and with no insurance, they are leaning on their community to help them get back on their feet.

Terrell Reynolds has been a volunteer firefighter for 12 years. He lived in a home with his wife, three children and small grandchild. The family is now staying in a motel. His wife who is also a volunteer firefighter says it's been extremely difficult being a firefighter family, watching all of their memories go up in smoke.

"It actually makes me sick to my stomach," said Rana Reynolds, volunteer firefighter, fire victim. " That was everything we had and now we are having to start over from nothing."

Rana Reynolds knows all too well what it takes to re-build. She and her husband have served the Rhea County Volunteer Fire Department for several years. Her 16-year-old son also volunteers as a junior firefighter, still the family had no fire insurance.

"It's gone I mean there is nothing left," said Reynolds.

Fire Chief Jacky Reavley tells Channel 3, firefighter Terrell Reynolds was one of the first firefighters called to the scene. He tried to fight back the flames but it was too late, his house couldn't be saved.

"It's kind of bad when they're all volunteer firefighters, and you lose your house and you lose everything," said Chief Reavley.

Fire officials say the loss has hit the department hard. More than $6,000 worth of fire gear and equipment was lost in the blaze.

Reynolds says being a family of firefighters means you never give up.

"We're just going one step at a time right now," said Reynolds.

9-year-old Autumn who helps fundraise for the department says she will be strong like all the other fire victims she's seen her family help, in years past.

"I'm going to leave it all behind and take on whatever I need to take on to keep my family together," said Autumn Reynolds.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. If you would like to help the family, firefighters have set up a relief fund at any Regions Bank just ask for the Terral Reynolds Relief Fund Foundation.

Donations can also be made at the Rhea County Fire Department. Family members say they are in need of diapers, baby wipes, bottles, clothes and shoes. the children's sizes are:

Infant: 6 month boy

9-year-old girl: X large Kids shirt, pants 14/16, shoes 6

12-year-old girl: X large Kids shirt/ small, pants 14/16, shoes 8-81/2

16-year-old boy: Medium men's shirt, pants 30-32, shoes 9 1/2-10
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